Festivals and Fairs


Festivals and Fairs in the month of January

Jonbeel Mela - Assam
Jonbeel Fair or Mela is held in January at Jonbeel of Jagiroad on the National Highway 37. Jagirod is 32 kms from Guwahati and is a bus stop on the way to Kaziranga wild life senctury.

A few days before the mela, tribes like the Tiwas, Karbis, Khasis, Jaintias from the Meghalaya hills come down with their various products for this mela. This is perhaps the only fair in India where barter system is still alive. A big market is organised during this fair and people from various tribes and communities exchange their products.

Before the 'mela' they perform fire worship or Agni puja for the well being of mankind. Another interesting feature is that during this mela the 'Govaraja' or the King of the Tiwa tribe along with his courtiers visit this mela and collect taxes from his subjects.

The significance of this mela is its theme of harmony and brotherhood amongst various tribes and communities.

During the 'mela' these communities perform their traditional dance and music to celebrate the mela in a befitting manner. Colourful dances and music mark the fair. The whole atmosphere is swinging with fun and joy.