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The Interchurch Peace Council (IKV) was established in 1966, by nine churches in the Netherlands, with the order to analyse issues of war and peace, to inform people in the churches and society and to recommend appropriate actions. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 new possibilities occurred to build a democratic and peaceful Europe.

The campaign "Let's get rid of nuclear arms, let us begin in The Netherlands" which started in 1977, and the demonstrations of some hundreds of thousands of people against the deployment of new nuclear weapons in 1980's have made the Interchurch Peace Council (IKV) well-known among the general public. IKV was instrumental and even one of the driving forces behind Dutch opposition to deploying cruise missiles, a new kind of atomic weapons. This opposition movement was then nicknamed "Hollanditis".

The IKV is engaged in matters of war and peace on behalf of the churches. IKV investigates the possibilities for preventing or ending wars and achieving civil integration. IKV organises projects and inspires the local society and the churches.

Together with numerous independent civic groups in Eastern and Western Europe the Interchurch Peace Council established the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly in1990. More over, the Interchurch Peace Council took the initiative to build a network of civil society groups in different countreis including India.

Together with its partners within these networks, the Interchurch Peace Council is intensively involved in several conflict areas, such as in Kashmir.

Conflict prevention, respect for human rights, dialogue and post-conflict peace-building are keywords in the mission of IKV.
  • IKV supports the production of films/documents etc. The film 'The Scream’, on involuntary disappearances in J&K was produced with the support of IKV.
  • In April 2000, IKV along with the joint initiative of the Pakistan Peace Coalition, the Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament organised a workshop in New Delhi on the subject of "Nuclear Disarmament in India and Pakistan".
  • In September 2004 IKV organised another International seminar on Kashmir. For the text of the declaration see: The Hague Declaration issued by the participants of the International Seminar on, September 19, 2004: “Conflict Management in Kashmir: civil society and the role of Europe”.
  • In February 2005 IKV together with Foundation Agni organised a public debate on Kashmir where participants from India also participated.
  • As of February 2005 IKV has brought out a special newspaper for the youth in Dutch. The name of the newspaper is 'Kasjmir, een krant over vredesactivisten in Jammu & Kasjmir'. It is about the situation in Kashmir.
In Kashmir IKV works with Jammu & Kashmir Coalition for a Civil Society.

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