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GEHO PUMPS offers the mining and minerals processing industry a range of piston and piston diaphragm pumps for a variety of slurry pumping applications.

GEHO PUMPS offers an environmentally friendly slurry disposal method using the high concentration tailings disposal concept (dry stacking) to transport and stack tailings and sand. Upon disposal, these tailings, having a pre-determined viscosity, spread out automatically in thin layers and produce a sloped deposit. The deposited tailings soon harden out.

Traditionally, centrifugal pumps are used to transfer tailings diluted with large amounts of water to disposal ponds for settling, where water may leak out and contaminate the environment.

The high concentration tailings disposal concept makes it possible to transfer slurry directly after dewatering to the disposal site.

GEHO piston and piston diaphragm pumps provide reliable transportation of slimes and classified tailings for every type of mine backfill system. At the surface, GEHO pumps are used for transporting slurry from the preparation plant. Underground, the pumps are used for filling the stopes with high density backfill tailings.

In India GEHO Pumps - Weir Netherlands B.V. has business alliances with:
Blue Star Limited
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