Doing Business with India


Leather and Hide

Argolanda B.V.
Weena 693
Groothandelsgebouw entree B
3013 AM, Rotterdam
Tel:010 - 280 00 00
Fax:010 - 404 57 94

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 45
3000 AA Rotterdam

ARGOLANDA B.V. specializes in the supply of raw and treated hides and skins as well as chemical products to quality-conscious commercial users across the world.

ARGOLANDA was founded in 1926 and in the meantime has built up a rich resource of competence and experience which it puts at the full service of clients. 

The company head office is in Rotterdam, the trading heart of Europe, but the quality inspectors of the company travel the world to advise and assist suppliers and clients.

Argoland also supplies Gum Arabic and is active in trading in natural raw materials like :
- Vegetable oils
- Rubber/Latex
- Talcum/Kaolin
- Groundnuts
- Cocoa products
- Desiccated coconut
- Herbs/Spices

Argolanda, and its sister company, Unico Leather B.V., supply semi-finished hides and skins to the Indian leather industry.