Doing Business with India



Ballast Ham Dredging B.V.
PO Box 8574
3009 AN Rotterdam
Tel:010 - 447 84 44
Fax:010 - 447 81 00

Ballast Ham Dredging combines over a century of experience with a fresh and positive approach towards dredging and marine construction around the world. The company is the result of the 2001 merger between Ballast Nedam Baggeren bv and Hollandsche Aanneming Maatschappij bv.

With their professional staff, technical expertise and modern fleet BHD is at the forefront of marine contracting, developing marine infrastructure - fast, economically and reliably.

BHD's wide range of services includes the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal and shore protection works, marine pipeline burial and the remediation of polluted water beds. Other activities also include sand and gravel deliveries and the construction of sand foundations for roads and railways.

Ballast Ham Dredging offers worldwide offshore services. The Offshore department is a specialised business unit within the company, offering a wide range of offshore and marine services, including: landfall construction and shore approaches, offshore trenching and dredging, precision rock placement and specialised marine services.

Ballast Ham Dredging  has a long and proven track record in seabed related activities for the offshore energy industry around the world. Their projects are carried out with their extensive fleet of conventional dredging equipment, as well as dedicated offshore equipment.

They have an office in India. The address is:

Ballast Ham Dredging and Marine Contractors
6th Floor Shangvi Udyan
B-18 Vaikuthlal Mehta Road
JVPD Scheme
Mumbai – 400049
Tel:022 - 26 10 48 68/85
Fax:022 - 26 10 76 57

The new company, “Van Oord”

On 19th December 2003 the merger between Van Oord ACZ and Ballast Ham Dredging was formally concluded. The company will operate under the new name Van Oord and will occupy a prominent position in the international marine construction market.